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The Fröhlich FRHTL40 H Frame Type 40 ton Lamination Press stands out with its high speed and precision. Crank ball bearings and linear ram bearings provide high movement speed and sensitive pressing quality. Fröhlich lamination presses have been designed with a customer-oriented mindset, with their compact design and strong body structure, who do not need high die strokes and want to produce products in high quantities. FRHTL Presses can be customized at different dimensions and specifications according to Customers’ needs. The lamination press can be equipped with mechanical feeder directly attached to body, which enables a faster and more sensitive feeding. FRHTL Presses take one-step forward with low investment cost, minimum maintenance cost and high profit opportunity compared to competitor companies’ presses.

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Technicial Specifications
Rated Force 40 Tons
Sabit Kurs Ölçüsü 30 mm
Regulation Range (Auto) 60 mm
Max Table Height 300 mm
Max. Closed Die Height 270 mm
Number of Strokes 120 rpm
Bearing Surface 8 Pieces
Number of Cranks 1 Pieces
Number of Connecting Rods 1Pieces
Ram Balance Piston 2 Pieces
Table Dimensions 450 x 460 mm
Bottom Table Dimensions 500 x 450 mm
Main Engine 5,5 kw
Approximate Weight 3.500 kg
Heat Treated Steel Body
Induction - Grinding Crank and Gear System
Steel Cast Ram and Connecting Rod System
Semi-Automatic Course System
Ratchet System Ram Adjustment
Pneumatic Balancing Cylinders
Gear System in Closed Oil Chamber
Conical Clamping Gear System
Pneumatic Clutch Brake System
Engine Forward Reverse Control System
Double Coil Press Relief Valve
PLC Application and Touch Screen
Photocell Protection System
Mechanical Safety Barriers
Mechanical Overload Fuse
Central Automatic Lubrication System
CE Approved
2 Year Warranty
Hydraulic Fuse
Speed Control Unit
Motorized Control Adjustment System
Extra Bottom Base
Bottom Extractor Cushion System
Anti Vibration Wedge